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Ascenx Technologies is hiring! Work with smart people and help change the course of technology every day. Be the talent that is behind market-leading semiconductor equipment technology. Ascenx is a United States corporation with strategic offshore operations in Vietnam. Ascenx works with some of the world’s largest global semiconductor manufacturing equipment corporations delivering end-to-end engineering service solutions to our customers. Ascenx Technologies (Vietnam) provides sustaining engineering and service support to our customer’s semiconductor inspection tools.

Ascenx Technologies is a professional organization that places high value on people and the individual’s competence that they contribute. People enjoy working at Ascenx. They enjoy the team camaraderie, flexibility, development opportunities, and feeling part of the company's success. Come and be proud to be an integral part of helping our international customers to provide engineering services and to develop engineering solutions to support their products that are installed around the world in semiconductor fabrication plants.

Đơn vị 5B, Tầng 5, Tòa nhà xưởng Tiêu chuẩn, Đường 14, Khu chế xuất Tân Thuận, Phường Tân Thuận Đông, Quận 7

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